Morning Swim

August 24, 2019

Here we are again.

Up late (about 7 am) this morning.  After lolling about for an hour, out for a 1 mile swim.

There seems to be near-universal agreement on the benefits of 45 minutes or so of daily exercise.  For sixty-plus people, swimming is more or less ideal;  it places little stress on joints, is highly aerobic, and builds strength as well as endurance.

It’s also sociable.  We have been swimming at the same place (the pool is heated but we swim outdoors all winter) for about eight years.  We know all the regulars and have become friends with more than a few of them.  The Polar Bears throw a nice cocktail party every January.

The swimmers tend to be fit, organized, and, well, nice.  Maybe a touch less neurotic than competitive tennis players.  There are morning and evening regulars but we are morning people, so those are the ones we know.

Swimming takes some getting used to, but once you are into it, it imparts a zen-like calm along with the other fitness benefits.  If you are tired and groggy, it wakes you up.

A mile swim, followed by a hot shower and a shave, and you are ready, as they used to say at Bear, Stearns, to “bite the ass off a bear.”

On to the next thing.



One thought on “Morning Swim

  1. I would like to swim but I really hate trying to squeeze 2,3,4 people in a lane at the pool. It is worse than being a hamster in a gage. Every TV ad or movie that shows someone swimming they ALWAYS have a lane to themselves. Our community center only has 2 lanes for adult laps and then is not enough for me


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