August 31, 2019

“Que no haya novedad.” 

May no new thing arise. That is a line from Patrick O’Brian’s The Far Side of the Worldone of the better Aubrey/Maturin novels and the book on which Peter Weir’s quite good film of the same name was very loosely based.

It might also be a motto for men of a certain age in terms of how they dress and how they present themselves.

Now, nobody wants me or any of my acquaintances to begin sporting beards, tattoos or other hipster insignia.  (Are hipsters still a thing?)  But it wouldn’t hurt any of us to buy some new clothes once in a while.  And by “new clothes” I don’t mean exact replacements for the same clothes we have been wearing for the past thirty-odd years.  I mean…new clothes.

Allbirds are a great example.  For the sartorially challenged: Allbirds are eco-friendly shoes that come in a wide variety of styles and colors.  They are made from wool (winter version) or plant-based fibers (summer version).   They are extremely comfortable and provide good support for walking.  They don’t cost much ($95 for the summer version) and they can, I am told, be machine washed as needed.

They are sold online, but I bought a pair on a recent trip to New York, where the Allbirds people have a nice store in SoHo.

The Allbirds feel good when you wear them.  And, once in a while, you get a compliment, which is more than I ever get when I wear my ratty old deck shoes.  So, all you sixty plus men, ditch the pleated pants, put the Topsiders at the back of the closet, and step out in style.  Once in a while, new things can be good and useful.

And here they are….









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