Packed up and ready to go

September 3, 2019

We are leaving shortly for Dulles, then to Paris and various locations in France.  I’m thinking of the days when people packed steamer trunks, hatboxes and the like for trans-Atlantic travels.

This is what I’m taking for an 89 day journey.  (W. has roughly the same).

And yes, I know you backpacked around the world, or went from Capetown to Cairo with three shirts and a pair of hiking shorts, or made it from San Antonio to Buenos Aires with a single carry-on bag.  That’s great.

But I’m old and I need a few creature comforts, plus books, laptop, universal converter, etc.  Plus I don’t want to do hand laundry every single day.

Everything fits into my computer briefcase and my new mid-size Away suitcase, which wheels around silently and effortlessly.

Looking forward to france-blogging, wine-blogging, picturesque village-blogging and so forth.



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