Chagny to Beaune by Bicycle

September 11, 2019

Yesterday we took a train from Beaune to Chagny (first stop on a very fast express — took about seven minutes) and got off with our bikes.   Chagny is about 12 miles south of Beaune but first we bicycled along a canal to the village of Santenay, an important “wine village” in the white wine region south of Beaune.

This is harvest time (la vendange) and the vineyards are full of work crews picking grapes by hand.  Hard work but very picturesque for passers-by.

Even the flat parts of Burgundy are hilly and bicycling here is hard work.  We went north from Santenay to Meursault and stopped at a cafe we like there for a Perrier-sirop — that’s a bottle of Perrier with about three small ice cubes and an ounce or so of sirop, a sweet syrup that’s flavored with raspberry, strawberry, grenadine or other extracts.

Other people drink wine while bicycling but it doesn’t work for us.  Fortified with our Perrier-sirop, we pedaled north through Volnay and Pommard and back to Beaune.  Total trip mileage about 22 on the bikes.  We used to take on much more ambitious outings but we simply don’t have the endurance we once did.

Photo not taken on this specific outing but it’s an indicator of the beauty of the landscape here.  This is a medieval site called Brancion, outside of Tournus and well south of Beaune:


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