The Fitness Center

December 17, 2019

A rainy, nasty Tuesday in December.  For some reason I don’t like swimming in the rain (afraid I’ll get wet?) so I opt for the fitness center.

This is a large open space (several spaces, actually) filled with aerobics equipment and various kinds of weights.  I get there at about 815, change and do the following:

  • About 17 minutes on an elliptical machine (a little over a mile and a quarter) while watching CNBC
  • Seven “core” exercises — some with weights, some with a medicine ball, some with an iron bar, plus planking
  • Three upper body exercises with weights (rows, French curls and arm lifts) and
  • Three leg exercises on weight machines and with free weights

The whole thing takes 40 to 45 minutes.  I see some people I know, which is nice, and, while I can’t say I enjoy doing it, I don’t like myself when I don’t do it (or something like it) five or six days a week — swimming, weights, aerobics, a brisk three mile walk, bicycling, or something.

I see the same people all the time at the fitness center, and at the pool.  What’s interesting is how many people I never see there, or doing anything else for that matter.  Some people in our complex take long walks, but most people don’t do anything.   Then they complain about aches, pains, not being able to sleep at night, and gaining weight.

Shower, change, and on to do some work.  And the best thing of all is that it’s over and done.


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