A Good Weekend

March 2, 2020

To a true retiree, the concept of the “weekend” may seem immaterial.  When every day is a day off, what is the difference whether it is Tuesday or Saturday?

Of course, weekends continue whether you are working or not.  Saturdays and Sundays have a different rhythm than other days.

This was a good weekend.  Friday night, we hosted the Polar Bears for an informal cocktail party at our house.  These are the early morning swimmers who brave cold air and warm water year round.  They are fit folks, many of them slightly type A but all very pleasant.  Light drinkers but avid eaters.

Saturday, we drove an hour and a half into the countryside to pick up our new puppy.  She is an eight week old Cavapoo (half Cavalier King Charles, half moyenne poodle) named Maxine.

We got Maxine home mid-afternoon and had fun fussing and playing with her.  She sat on my lap while we watched UVA beat Duke, 52-50.

Sunday W. stayed home with Maxine while I sang in the choir.  Then a dear friend came over with children and grandchildren to see Maxine.  They clucked over the puppy while we clucked over the grandchildren.

With Maxine in a “puppy sling” we took a long walk with our neighbor’s dog.  I did some paid work in the afternoon.  The money will be needed as various vet’s bills and other dog-related expenses pile up.

That was it.  The puppy needs to go out every hour during the day so it’s hard to get much continuity.  There is a 130 wake up call at night.  And there is crate training, which involves a fair amount of crying and whining.  But sitting with the little creature on your lap makes up for it.

So here is little Maxine:





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