Panic, continued

March 23, 2020

So things have progressed at a blinding pace.  When I last wrote 2 weeks ago there were, I think, 4000 people infected in the US.  Now there are more than 40,000, and over 400 dead.  Everything is on lock down, the market has gone even further in the hole, and thousands of people have died in Italy and elsewhere.  The epicenter of the virus now seems to be New York City.

It’s very hard to get a handle on this.  We have a virus that is a) very contagious;  b) potentially deadly, but mostly for elderly people or those with preexisting conditions; and c) incurable.  Our response has been to stop the economies of the West and throw the world into a massive financial downturn.   This can only continue for so long.

So we are staying home, mostly.  We can swim (without benefit of changing facilities) and walk.   We play with Maxine, socialize at a distance with neighbors, and I work.  I think the bookstore is open, but I don’t think I’m supposed to go.  Ditto the library.  No church, no choir, no piano lessons, no French classes for W.

We take online bridge lessons from an Australian lady named Joan Butts.  I have work to do, mercifully.  We are going to need the money if we are going to avoid selling stocks at low, low prices.

It’s not horrible.  It’s just sort of…there.  You can’t do anything about it.  You can survive it, but it’s not enjoyable.

More to come.

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